We are a family-run company with traditions in the market dating back to 1989. Since then, we have been constantly increasing our potential and production program. We specialise in precision metal machining. Our products are used in public transport, energy generation, mining, agriculture and ship building. We research, develop and manufacture mechanical components, placing special emphasis on high quality. Flexibility and adjustability to requirements and expectations has always been our advantage.


Height adjustable footrests

ZUTMAR is a leading producer of height adjustable footrests. All Polish rolling stock manufacturers equip their trams, trains and locomotives with our product. We provide the execution of any type of footrest, according to the customer's request. They can be adjusted pneumatically, electrically or fully mechanically depending on the requirements of the customer. Our footrests have integrated switches that typically are dead-man handle, height adjusting, sanding switch. Functions and types of switches are always finally agreed with the customer.

Adjustable armrests

We are a manufacturer of adjustable driver's armrests along with a master controller in trams. Our products find their application in vehicles moving both in Poland and European countries. Each armrest design is discussed with the client and adapted to his specific requirements. Thanks to the experience gained over many years of production, we are able to guarantee the high quality of manufactured products and their long-term reliability.

Desktop adjustment mechanism

As a manufacturer of cabin elements in rail vehicles, we have developed and implemented in several tram projects in Poland a mechanism for adjusting the driver’s control panel. The system can electrically adjust the height of the desktop, providing ergonomics and convenience of use. Desktop control can be fully integrated with our foot rests.

Brake self-adjuster

Brake mechanisms with self-adjusting clearance allow automatic compensation of the clearance between the brake shoes and the brake drum. The traditional brake mechanisms used in trams requires frequent turning off the rolling stock to make the necessary clearance adjustment. Our complete braking mechanism is a plug-and-play solution that replaces the traditional mechanism. It also allows you to remove the brake shoes without having to dismantle the complete cam mechanism.

Magnetic emergency rail brakes

The magnetic rail brake is an additional braking system mounted in rolling stock. The braking force is generated electromagnetically. We specialise in the production of new rail brakes for the first assembly as well as for the spare parts market. Thanks to our own methods and with the help of specialised machines and devices, we are also able to regenerate worn-out rail brakes of all leading braking systems manufacturers in tram vehicles. Bearing in mind the safety in public transport, each rail brake we produce undergoes detailed tests that ultimately approve it for use in rail vehicles.

Regeneration of hydraulic braking systems

Extensive experience and highly qualified personnel allowed the company to extend the unit tram braking system repairs to full regeneration of the complete braking system. The special test stations created for this purpose allow to determine the state of wear of individual subassemblies and to select those parts that should be replaced in order to restore the original operating parameters of the entire system. In 2018, ZUTMAR bought shares, and then took over the company HYDROSET, which has been in the hydraulic pumps regeneration market for nearly 30 years. As a result, many highly experienced engineers joined our team, as well as all measuring equipment and one of the few Testek test stations in Poland that allows acceptance tests of hydraulic drive units up to 600HP.

CNC machining

In addition to manufacturing and constantly improving its own products, ZUTMAR strives to be an important partner in the supply chain of its customers not only in machining, but also tries to act a master contractor responsible for acquiring appropriate castings, galvanising, wet or powder coating, welding and any other special operations required by the end customer, so as to shorten the supply chain from the point of view of the customer and significantly affect the delivery time.

Thanks to this approach, we have specialised in the production of:

  • Parts for electric motors and generators
  • Components of internal combustion engines for the shipbuilding industry
  • High voltage disconnectors
  • Driving mechanisms of switch disconnectors
  • Gearboxes for agriculture
  • Valve plates for air compressors
  • Turbocharger turbine bodies
  • Tram axles
  • Drive shafts
  • Lay flat hoses couplings